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Word Shark: Word Chunks Game


The fun begins when each player chooses a Word Shark mat. Player 1 draws a consonant tile from the pile and tries to add it to a word ending on his or her mat to make a word. If the letter cannot be used to spell a word, it is returned to the pile. Then the next player draws a tile and tries to make a word. The first player to fill a mat with words wins!

Use the other side of the mats to spell as many words as you can! Variations allow for crossword puzzles, center activities, cooperative activities, or timed contests!

-Use the games to build reading and spelling skills.
-Children learn about word families.
-Ideal for pairs or small groups of children (1-10 players).
-Great for individual instruction and tutoring at school or at home.
-Variations allow for different skill levels.

Includes: 10 two-sided mats, 58 vowel tiles, 92 consonant tiles

ISBN: 088231978060


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