Star Fighters: Pirate Ambush Book 7
March 9, 2018
Star Fighters: Crash Landing Book 4
March 9, 2018
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Star Fighters: Lethal Combat Book 5


The crew of the Phoenix have escaped the dark planet, and now need to complete their mission to return Prince Onix to his home planet – without them knowing. But their plan is foiled and the Xions capture them soon after landing. They are asked to choose their punishment: 1) Be ejected into space in a pod that orbits Xion forever 2) 20 years hard labour in one of their mines 3) Fight the deadly Xio-bot. They choose to fight the Xio-bot. It’s their only chance to make it back home again – but no one has beaten it . . . yet.

ISBN: 9781408815823


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