Magformers: Inspire Set Line (30pcs)
April 30, 2019
Magformers: My First Ice World Set (30pcs)
April 30, 2019
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Magformers: Mini House Set (42pcs)


Who says that building houses is only for boys? The Mini House set by Magformers brings girls to dream of beautiful buildings and romantic castles. The soft pastel shades are perfect to create fairy-like buildings that allow children to let their imagination run free. The 42-piece magnetic kit contains exactly the accessories you need to make your house, castle, palace, cottage, hotel or even bakery look exactly the way you want. Your buildings get a real tiled roof, windows and doors or even a cute balcony. This kit allows children not only to build creations in 3D, but also includes a number of puzzle sheets for 2D activities. This is how the little ones feel immediately addressed by this Magformers set that guides children in a simple way to build 2D houses or butterflies. Combine this set with other Magformers sets for even more fun and inspiration.

ISBN: 8809465532772


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