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July 6, 2017
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July 6, 2017
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Color and Play: Jungle Animals


About six percent of the earth’s surface is covered by jungle–a lush tropical region teeming with plants, many of which are poisonous. This makes jungles beautiful and dangerous places. And that’s before considering the amazing animals that live there!

Explore the jungles of the world and come face-to-face with fifteen of the most interesting animals of the rain forest with Color and Play: Jungle Animals. Kids can color the model pieces that accompany the book, punch them out, and fit them together to build a jaguar, a scarlet macaw, a blue morpho butterfly, and a caiman. Then, they’ll place them in the removable diorama to create a full jungle scene. They’ll also learn about red pandas, poison dart frogs, Bengal tigers, and green peacocks.

ISBN: 978-1607103806

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