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July 11, 2017
ELT Readers Level 3 – Black Gold
July 11, 2017
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Barnyard Stampede


A Racing card game that gets you Mooo-ving! Barnyard Stampede is a fast and furious racing card game where farm animals compete to see who can race to the barn first. Set the barn box in the center of the table. Each player chooses an animal and flips a card face up on the start line. The rest of the cards are then dealt out to each player face down. Ready, Set, MOOO-VE IT! Players flip cards over from their hand one at a time searching for a card that matches their animal. If a match is made, you play the card in front of the start line – taking a step towards the barn. The first to tag the barn wins the race! Excellent game for young children! Ages 4y+

ISBN: 736211029874

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